Home made healthy chocolates

Happy Easter!  I’m probably a little bit behind the 8 ball with this post as everyone’s probably sick of chocolate by now (can you ever get sick of chocolate…?) but I thought I’d share an easy recipe for some home made dark chocolate that is really quite decadent and delicious.   Now I’m a huge chocolate […]

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Sugar free macaroons

Sugar free macaroons   How do you make a delicious sweet treat without sugar?  With Naturals by Equal! I received some samples of Naturals by Equal which is New Zealand’s newest 100% natural sweetener made with stevia and other natural fruit sugars.  It’s a fantastic natural alternative to sugar and it has 97% less calories […]

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Moana Organics Skincare range

Moana is certified organic and bioactive skincare made right here in NZ by passionate cosmetic experts who do not believe in compromising on bioactive ingredients. The company’s organic ethos is all-encompassing, which means that ingredients are eco-harvested in an effort to ensure their preservation and renewal.  Moana use a unique blend of  Marine Glycans, found only […]

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Roast pumpkin, feta and kumara frittata recipe

Frittata is one of those throw everything in a dish kind of meals that always turns out beautifully.  This  frittata recipe  has become a popular one over the past year as it’s so easy and versatile.  Every Sunday I head to our local market and buy fresh, free range eggs and seasonal vegetables and this […]

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Give back with a Little Lot

If you’ve been meaning to donate to charity, but haven’t yet taken the plunge, there’s a neat company called Little Lot that you need to know about.  With Little Lot, you’ll benefit charities and but it actually doesn’t cost you anything.  Yup, you’ll be giving money to charity but not actually parting with any money. […]

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Vegetarian chickpea pattie burgers

These vegetarian chickpea patties make a delicious burger filling and I was surprised that such a simple combination of ingredients could make such tasty patties.  O but they did – I’d have to say that these vegetarian burgers are the best I’ve had. Meatless meals are something that we’ve embraced a little more this year.  […]

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