Apricot Chocolate (date free!) Bliss Balls

Date free Apricot Chocolate Bliss Balls Bliss balls are one of my favourite healthier sweet treats.  But if you’re not a fan of dates, then chances are you’re not a fan of bliss balls.  This weekend I wanted to make date free bliss balls, and I came up with this yummy recipe with a base […]

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5 ways to fall in love with Mondays

  Monday is generally the least favourite day in the week for most.  I have to admit that I often get a case of the Sunday night blues, wallowing in thoughts of how much more I wanted to do in the weekend but I didn’t have the time.   However, I decided a while ago it […]

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5 ways to love and look after your body

Our bodies are pretty amazing and we only have one for our entire lives!  It’s something we often take for granted, but it’s important to care for your body both inside and out. So I thought I’d share with you today some ways that you can love and look after your body, from head to toe, […]

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Coconut oil vs olive oil – what’s really healthier?

In recent years, olive oil has fallen out of favour in the media/blogsphere while coconut oil has taken over as a favourite.   Some of the claims about coconut oil are a  little over hyped.  Sure it has it’s place, but unfortunately many of the claims are more marketing than science.  So what’s healthier, coconut oil […]

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Chocolate cake made over

Chocolate cakes are traditionally devoid of nutritional value with their key ingredients being refined flour and plenty sugar.  But when you switch out refined ingredients for wholefood ingredients and use healthier fats, it becomes a little more nutrient rich and a better option for a treat. I do love a sweet treat, and it’s even […]

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