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What’s wrong with fad diets anyway?

Fad diets have been around for a long time.  The most recent one I’ve heard of is a”metabolism booster” diet which involves eating lots of steak, chicken and drinking large amounts of black coffee, and that’s about it.   After hearing about a few colleagues who had lost 5-7kg weight loss in just a few weeks,  […]

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Post holiday detox diet

At this time of the year, it’s quite normal to indulge a little – wine, chocolate, delicious desserts – it’s all a part of Christmas.  If you’ve had a few days of over indulgence then a detox diet day of light, healthy eating teamed with some exercise can help make up for some of the […]

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Do you need a mid morning snack?

Image from Whole Living There’s a dietary school of thought that it’s best to eat regularly throughout the day – 6 “mini” meals, some people say, in order to get your metabolism cranking and to help stop cravings.  Then there are others that believe 3 meals a day is all you need.  So what’s the […]

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Carbs – do they make you fat?

I saw this infographic on Pinterest the other day, which  says fat doesn’t make you fat – carbs are what makes you fat, and this is the reason for the obesity epidemic. Firstly, blaming the obesity epidemic on one nutrient is oversimplifying the matter.  Over the past 20-30 years our food environment has changed dramatically.  […]

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Personalised Nutrition Plans available here!

    Nicola is a Registered Nutritionist with over 5 years experience working in nutrition. Her specialty area is weight loss and she’s worked with many people to help them successfully reach their goals.  She can also help with: Impaired glucose tolerance/Type 2 diabetes Digestive issues Sports nutrition High cholesterol General health Click here to […]

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5 reasons your weight won’t budge

    It can be frustrating to be eating well, but still not get the weight loss results that you want. Here’s five common reasons why your weight might not be changing. 1.    You don’t move enough If you are trying to lose weight by diet alone, it makes it far more challenging.  Find an […]

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