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Lessons from the world’s healthiest diets

Today it seems as if everyone has an opinion on what the healthiest diet is – from paleo, to grain free to vegetarian. The truth is there are lots of health ways to eat, as I outlined here.  One thing I’m not sold on that grains and legumes are “unhealthy” and “bad for you”. Sure […]

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Eating “normally”

  I’ve been thinking a lot about eating and been trying to figure out how it all became so hard.  As a child,  you’d eat when you were hungry, stop when you were full (well, unless your parents made you eat everything on your plate…) and you’d feel so special when you got given a […]

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Sugar substitutes – what is best?

  Let’s face it, sugar is pretty tasty.  But we all know too much sugar is not so great for our health or our waistlines.  So with sugar substitutes, what is best?  Today there’s a heap of sugar substitutes/alternatives on the market and in different recipes so I thought I’d do a little round up […]

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Paleo, Raw, Vegan… What’s the best way to eat?

If  I wasn’t a nutritionist, I’d be totally confused about nutrition (well sometimes I do get confused but I figure it out with plenty of research). Vegans swear by their diet – generally higher in carbohydrate with no animal protein or fat, yet so do those following a paleo style diet whose diet is relatively […]

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Cure your bloating for good with a low FODMAPS diet

One of the most common complaints I’m seeing with clients involves bloating, bowel issues and stomach pain.  They just want a cure for their bloating!  After medical investigations with no answers, the diagnosis is often irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The good news about IBS is that while it can be a pain in the butt, […]

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