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Delicious ways to improve your wellbeing

If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish over winter, then now is the time to do something about it.  Summer is just round the corner and there is something super simple you can do to feel better, restore your digestive balance and improve your wellbeing . Get a good dose of probiotics with Symbio by […]

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Tips for guilt free eating

Does eating your most favourite, decadent foods leave you feeling racked with self loathing and guilt?   If so, it’s time to stop.   And when I say stop, I mean stop feeling guilty. Not stop eating your most favourite foods! It’s no wonder we feel guilty about eating.  There are so many messages out  that can […]

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Cocoa vs Cacao

Image found here By now, I’m sure you would have seen cacao used in lots of healthy cooking recipes.  I thought I’d let you in on a little secret.  Sure cacao is higher in antioxidants, but humble old cooca is still fabulous too. Let’s take a look at cocoa vs cacao – starting with a […]

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Change your thinking, improve your eating.

Changing mindset, thoughts and behaviours around how we feel about our bodies and our eating behaviours is something I’m really passionate about.  Too many women spend their lives yoyo dieting, fixated on good foods/bad foods and have an unhealthy relationship with food – but it doesn’t have to be this way. I mentioned on Facebook […]

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Tastebud detox – how to retrain your tastebuds

Sometimes a few treats here and there end up becoming more and more treats – and before you know it you’ve slipped into some not so healthy eating patterns and are constantly craving junk food.  If this sounds like you, don’t fret!  You can beat it. It’s absolutely possible to retrain our taste buds to […]

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Coconut oil vs olive oil – what’s really healthier?

In recent years, olive oil has fallen out of favour in the media/blogsphere while coconut oil has taken over as a favourite.   Some of the claims about coconut oil are a  little over hyped.  Sure it has it’s place, but unfortunately many of the claims are more marketing than science.  So what’s healthier, coconut oil […]

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