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When breastfeeding hurts your baby

I knew breastfeeding could be challenging but I never quite imagined how challenging it would be for me. My very first experience was actually a breeze.  After Elise was born, she was put on me and she wriggled right up to my breast and latched on with a bit of assistance from my midwife.  She […]

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Nutrition, Lifestyle, PMS and Periods

Periods can be a bit of an inconvenience, but I think more of us are realising our periods don’t have to hold us back and stop us from doing what we want.  Our nutrition and lifestyle can work together to help keep those pesky PMS symptoms under control you can get on with what you […]

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How to choose healthier snack bars

Navigating the snack bar isle of the supermarket can be almost like the candy bar isle.  If you read the nutritional labels and ingredients lists you’ll find many are packed with loads of added sugars and fats, yet they are disguised in packages that can sometimes make them sound and look healthy. While there are […]

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