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7 Ways to Help Manage Stress and Anxiety

Today’s post is written by a special guest, Ryan Rivera of The Calm Clinic.  Stress is an issue that affects us all, and can have a negative effect on your eating habits. So I’d like to welcome Ryan who is sharing his tips on managing stress and anxiety. Image found from pinterest from here It […]

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Top tips for managing stress

Stress is a natural part of life, but the burden of stress can wear you down and leave you feeling exhausted, on edge and grumpy.  I know I’m definitely grumpy and snappy when I get stressed, and I’ll cry for no good reason!! Managing stress is absolutely a vital part of wellbeing. Stress is also […]

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How to turn exercise into a life time habit

Image found here I’m sure thousands of women around the world join the gym, attend religiously for a week, or a month or even three months, but then the commitment petters off and they’re left making a donation to the gym every week until the contract runs out.  Whether it’s the gym, walking, running or […]

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Can you think yourself thin?

The way we think and feel has a big influence on our weight loss success. Top athletes use visualisation to help them reach their goals, so is it possible to use the power of the mind to lose weight? Research suggests that certain techniques can help you reach your weight loss goals, if combined with […]

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