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Keeping healthy when life gets busy

Life can be hectic sometimes.  And while it’s great to be busy and have fun, we all need a little down time and to take care of ourselves.  Business can be good, but too much can be stressful, especially for an introvert like me who needs down time to relax.  So today I’m sharing with […]

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A new way to look at food cravings

How to beat food cravings. It’s time to rethink how you look at your food cravings and what you need to do to beat them. I’ve always seen food cravings, and in particular regular strong cravings as a sign that you need to interpret rather than ignore.  I read a really interesting article by Psychologist […]

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Finding balance: 30 Days of Wellness

One really important part of wellness is finding a sense of balance in your life.  Without it, it’s impossible to be well.  When I was studying postgraduate nutrition, I thought I could study full time, work 30 hours a week, exercise and have a social life on top of all that. Well – it didn’t […]

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How to mentally prepare for lifestyle change

When it comes to making change, we generally prepare ourselves in the most obvious ways.  You stock up your fridge with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, plan healthy meals and snacks and schedule in time to exercise.  However, we don’t often think about getting our heads in the right place for making change.  Because […]

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10 secrets of happy, fit and healthy women

Have you ever wondered what the secrets of happy, healthy and fit women are?  Because I work with with mostly women day in day out,  over time, it becomes apparent the habits of those who become healthy, happy and fit.  Of course,  we all know some of the basics, such as eating well, drinking water, […]

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