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Give back with a Little Lot

If you’ve been meaning to donate to charity, but haven’t yet taken the plunge, there’s a neat company called Little Lot that you need to know about.  With Little Lot, you’ll benefit charities and but it actually doesn’t cost you anything.  Yup, you’ll be giving money to charity but not actually parting with any money. […]

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Danijela Unkovich of Healthy Always on healthy eating and living well

If you’re a fan of instagram, you may have seen Danijela Unkovich’s fabulous account Healthy Always (@healthyalways).  She has a massive 110,000 followers and it’s no surprise with her inspiring account full of delicious food pictures and recipes.  I was lucky enough to get some time to interview her about her healthy eating, inspirations, fitness […]

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A little less, a little more with Blackmores

If you’ve ever tried to make some lifestyle changes, you’ll know it can be hard work!  There’s so many different messages out there about how to live a healthy lifestyle that when you try to do everything, it can get overwhelming and all too easy to throw in the towel. For this reason, I’m totally […]

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2013 mid year review

Can you believe it’s already half way through 2013?  The time just seems to go faster and faster!  If you started with a set of goals you wanted to achieve this year, now is a great time to review them.  Have you achieved what you hoped?  It’s all to easy to let things slide over […]

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