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Chewy Snickers Slice

Chewy Snickers Slice This chewy snickers slice is a bit of a healthier version of the traditional snickers bar.  I haven’t shared a sweet treat recipe for a while, and since it’s a long weekend with bit more time to have a play in the kitchen, I thought you guys might like this.   The combination […]

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Chocolate Chia Banana Bread

  When we were kids, one of the cakes mum used to make was a chocolate marble cake, and I loved the way it looked.   I don’t know why, but the idea for a similar concept with banana bread popped into my head randomly the other day when I noticed the over ripe banana stash […]

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Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars

I’ve been thinking of creating a home made protein bar for quite a while.  My go to snacks are usually nuts, yoghurt + berries or fruit, but every now and then I feel like something a little different. Protein bars are not something I would normally buy as they’re often full of sweeteners that upset […]

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Coconut Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

  I love Donna Hay’s recipes, photography and food styling.  I was flicking through one of her recipe books  at mums and I found a really delicious looking recipe for chewy coconut macaron ice cream sandwiches.  I thought this would be an easy recipe to modify to be healthier, yet still super delicious so I […]

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Oaty Banana Raspberry and Coconut Bread

Oats are one of my favourite breakfasts – porridge in winter, and bircher in the summer.  But oats aren’t just for breakfast, they’re great in baking too.  Replacing refined flour with oats definitely ups the nutritional value of baking.  They add extra fibre which is great for digestive health and provide a source of magnesium. […]

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Lemon Coconut and Chocolate Raspberry Tarts

One of my favourite things to create in the kitchen is healthier versions of sweet treats.  Switching out refined ingredients for more wholefoods increases the nutritional value.  Even though they are still treats, if they taste just as great as the original then why wouldn’t you try to make it a little healthier? For inspiration, […]

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