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Chocolate Nut Bliss Balls

  Chocolate nut bliss balls are an easy to make, nourishing sweet treat that have been my go to lately as a quick snack if I feel like something sweet.. This version uses three different types of nuts to provide a range of nutrients – including selenium from Brazil nuts and omega 3 fats from […]

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Oaty chocolate peanut butter slice

When you think oats I’m sure breakfast automatically pops into your head.  However another place I use oats a lot is in healthier baking.    Oats make a great switch for more refined ingredients since they are a wholegrain product and provide fibre, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.  Wholegrains also contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, […]

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Spelt, Rye and Seed Bread

Home made bread doesn’t need to be a huge effort and this spelt, rye and seed bread is testament to that.  After having a big fail with sour dough a while back, I thought I’d just start with an easier bread version – bread made with yeast.  I’m still definitely keen to give sour dough […]

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Salmon, leek and pesto tart

    This salmon, leek and pesto tart is a delicious way to boost your omega 3 intake.  Lately I’ve been thinking of more ways to get oily fish into my diet as opposed to just eating salmon for dinner (which my husband isn’t a huge fan of) and this was one of those ideas. […]

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