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Coconut, Chia and Berry Bircher Muesli

As the weather warms up hot porridge is becoming less appealing and I’m after new breakfast ideas that are filling and delicious.  I’ve been enjoying a couple of new options lately, including this home made bircher muesli.  I like to fill mine with a mixture of oats, seeds, nuts and fruit for a mixture of […]

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A new, lighter breakfast routine

While I’m normally an oats type of breakfast girl, sometimes you just feel like a lighter breakfast.  And now the weather is warming up I’m feeling like a change in my breakfast routine. I haven’t really eaten flake type cereals for a long time as they can be quite sugary, refined or lack fibre, but […]

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Creamy strawberry cashew smoothie

  I’m loving Spring – blossom, gorgeous flowers, and more sunshine!   Seeing the sun again put me in the mood for refreshing, berry smoothies and I came up with this delicious creamy berry cashew smoothie. Smoothies can sometimes lack a little substance and leave you feeling hungry soon afterwards, but this smoothie is a […]

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The perfect zesty green smoothie

Green smoothies can either taste great or taste like lawn clippings (well, what I imagine lawn clippings would taste like!) so I’ve been playing around to get the perfect combination of taste and green factor 🙂 I think the key is getting a balance of fruit plus something to give it a little zing, and […]

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Creamy berry chia porridge

For a winter breakfast, there’s nothing better than a warm bowl of porridge.  If you think porridge is boring, then you’re doing it wrong!  There are so many ways to make your porridge delicious and interesting.  My favourite thing at the moment is adding chia seeds to porridge.  They add extra fibre and I like […]

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Mango, Lime and Coconut Chia Pudding

For along time I thought chia puddings were a bit out there and they would taste average, but I was wrong.  There are so many ideas for chia puddings and today, inspired by the sunshine I made this mango, lime and coconut chia pudding. These tropical flavours work really well together and make a satisfying […]

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