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Delicious new ways to enjoy eggs for breakfast

I’ve always been a breakfast lover and a perfect way to create a filling, nourishing breakfast is to have eggs.  Since being pregnant, eggs are something I’ve been eating more often as they’re not only a good source of protein, but they’re really nutrient dense too. Eggs are one of the few food sources that […]

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Spelt, Rye and Seed Bread

Home made bread doesn’t need to be a huge effort and this spelt, rye and seed bread is testament to that.  After having a big fail with sour dough a while back, I thought I’d just start with an easier bread version – bread made with yeast.  I’m still definitely keen to give sour dough […]

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Plum, Cashew and Coconut Granola (Muesli)

I’ve never been one to skip breakfast.  Most mornings I wake up feeling pretty hungry and I look forward to enjoying a delicious, wholesome breakfast.  Generally on rotation in my house it’s granola or muesli; (whatever you want to call it); smoothies, porridge, sometimes weetbix with oats and in the weekends I’ll often have eggs […]

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Creating the perfectly balanced smoothie

  There’s nothing like a cool, creamy smoothie for a quick and easy meal. The trick though is getting the balance of ingredients right so it’s both filling and nourishing and you’re not left feeling hungry an hour later! As a nutritionist, one of the common things people say to me is that they love […]

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Coconut, Chia and Berry Bircher Muesli

As the weather warms up hot porridge is becoming less appealing and I’m after new breakfast ideas that are filling and delicious.  I’ve been enjoying a couple of new options lately, including this home made bircher muesli.  I like to fill mine with a mixture of oats, seeds, nuts and fruit for a mixture of […]

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