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Apricot Chocolate (date free!) Bliss Balls

Date free Apricot Chocolate Bliss Balls Bliss balls are one of my favourite healthier sweet treats.  But if you’re not a fan of dates, then chances are you’re not a fan of bliss balls.  This weekend I wanted to make date free bliss balls, and I came up with this yummy recipe with a base […]

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Soft tacos – a quick, easy Mexican dinner

If you live a busy life, spending hours in the kitchen isn’t practical or enjoyable.  I love to have a few quick, easy but still nutritious and tasty meals for those nights when I really can’t be bothered cooking.  So this  is hardly a what you’d call a recipe, but I really wanted to share […]

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Chocolate cake made over

Chocolate cakes are traditionally devoid of nutritional value with their key ingredients being refined flour and plenty sugar.  But when you switch out refined ingredients for wholefood ingredients and use healthier fats, it becomes a little more nutrient rich and a better option for a treat. I do love a sweet treat, and it’s even […]

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Pan seared Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Cranberries

Brussels Sprouts must be the worlds most hated vegetable.  But trust me, it’s time to give them another go.  They are not what you remember.  When cooked nicely, they’re quite tasty.   The key is in choosing small sprouts as opposed to large ones, and another golden rule – DO NOT BOIL!! Brussels Sprouts contain a […]

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White Chocolate Berry Cups

White Chocolate Berry Cups by Eat Well NZ I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again – but I really love chocolate!! I’ve always been a fan of white chocolate, but I rarely eat it these days as it’s quite sickly sweet and because it doesn’t contain cocoa you don’t get the antioxidant […]

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Zesty Orange Beans and Broccoli

Are you a little bored of your daily greens?  We often think of veges as a simple side dish yet there are lots of ways to jazz them up, add nutrients and make them more delicious and enjoyable. I found this recipe for zesty orange greens  here and it was good!! I simply changed the […]

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