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Zesty Orange Beans and Broccoli

Are you a little bored of your daily greens?  We often think of veges as a simple side dish yet there are lots of ways to jazz them up, add nutrients and make them more delicious and enjoyable. I found this recipe for zesty orange greens  here and it was good!! I simply changed the […]

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Caramel Bliss balls

Caramel is my favourite flavour when it comes to sweet foods, and I’ve been wanting to try and make  caramel bliss balls for a while now as a way to combine my favourite flavour into something that wasn’t full of refined ingredients.   So in the weekend I experimented with a caramel bliss ball recipe […]

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Healthy vegetarian nachos

Nachos are always a crowd pleaser.  But a big pile of mince on top of fried corn chips topped with tonnes of cheese and sour cream does not make a very nutritious meal.  This is a delicious, healthy vegetarian nacho alternative to the greasy favourite.  Personally, I enjoy this far more! It’s perfect for meatless […]

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Spinach and Feta Filo Tart

While there’s not a lot going on in my vegetable garden at the moment, one consistent performer that you can rely on in whatever the weather is spinach.  I’ve got 6 plants I planted before winter hit that are producing plenty of spinach that I’ve been putting to good use. One of those good uses […]

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Lemon Yoghurt Mousse

Lemon Yoghurt Mousse I went to see my granddad in the weekend and we got chatting dessert.  Granddad is a great cook, and always makes a yummy dessert for Sunday dinner. This put the idea in my head that I really wanted to try out a new dessert on Sunday.   So I decided to treat […]

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Homemade nut bars

Homemade nut bars are a breeze to make.  These kind of remind me a bit of the birdseed slice that mum used to make when we were kids – only without all the butter.  Home made nut bars are, in my opinion, better than the supermarket ones I’ve tried.  They’re a little sticky and chewy […]

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