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How to Avoid Holiday Season Weight Gain

Image from Flickr via Pinterest It’s a great time of the year, Summer BBQ’s, Christmas Parties and end of year catch ups.  Unfortunately the unwanted side effect of lots of socialising and celebrating can  be weight gain. Here’s how to enjoy the holiday season while maintaining your weight. 1. Ensure you make time for exercise […]

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Maintaining weight loss – why is it so hard?

So you’ve managed to lose weight? According to research, losing weight is the easiest part of the game, it’s maintaining weight loss that is the biggest battle. New research published this month gives us further insight into why many of us are fighting a losing battle with the bulge. When we lose weight, our bodies […]

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Secrets to Maintaining a Stable Weight

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to maintain a healthy body weight, yet others yo-yo up and down?  If you’re a yo-yo dieter, losing weight yet quickly gaining it back, here are six secrets you can learn to maintaining a healthy, stable body weight. 1.    Don’t fad diet. Fad diets will always […]

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How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

After a record warm month in May, the plummeting temperatures and bleak rainy days seem to make healthy living feel slightly more challenging for many this year. Let’s face it, when it’s dark when you wake up and cold and dark after work, the couch and chocolate seem like a much more inviting prospect than […]

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