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Reader question: medications and weight gain

Reader question: I am taking medication that causes your metabolism to slow down and increases appetite (mainly through cravings for sugar) as a side effect. Is there any foods that can counter these effects? i.e. speed up metabolism and curb cravings? Medications are a necessary part of life for some of us, and while very […]

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What is the healthiest way to eat?

Image from Whole Living How should you eat? It’s a question that many authors, doctors, naturopaths, bloggers or nutritionists could answer for you, but no doubt the answers would be quite different. Is it The paelo lifestyle of no grains, sugars or processed foods. The low carb diet, with high protein, high fat foods? What […]

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Carbs – do they make you fat?

I saw this infographic on Pinterest the other day, which  says fat doesn’t make you fat – carbs are what makes you fat, and this is the reason for the obesity epidemic. Firstly, blaming the obesity epidemic on one nutrient is oversimplifying the matter.  Over the past 20-30 years our food environment has changed dramatically.  […]

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5 reasons your weight won’t budge

    It can be frustrating to be eating well, but still not get the weight loss results that you want. Here’s five common reasons why your weight might not be changing. 1.    You don’t move enough If you are trying to lose weight by diet alone, it makes it far more challenging.  Find an […]

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Fat Burning Zones – How to get the most from your training

  If you go to the gym,  on the heart rate chart you’ll see listed a “fat burning zone”. Theoretically, the fat burning zone is working out between 55-60% of your maximum heart rate.  At this intensity your body uses more fat than carbohydrate for energy.  As your intensity increases, you burn more carbohydrate. This […]

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