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Crispy turmeric pancakes with Manuka smoked salmon and other entertaining recipes with Regal Salmon

Can you believe it’s December already? With December comes summer, Christmas, long nights and warm days plus plenty of time for entertaining. Something delicious and nutritious for nibbles and main dishes over the festive season is salmon.  It’s high in protein, packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, it tastes great and there are so many […]

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Two delicious healthy overnight oats recipes + WIN

Oats are one of my favourite breakfast options, but as it gets warmer porridge becomes slightly less appealing and I’m always ready for a change in options. Overnight oats – also known as bircher muesli – is a delicious way to enjoy oats when the weather is warmer.  You simply soak oats in a milk […]

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How to keep motivated to exercise in winter

During winter it can be harder to keep motivated to exercise.  I know I certainly find it more challenging. That little voice pops into your head and says things like “I really should go for a walk/to the gym/insert other exercise here/ but it’s so cold I just don’t want to get changed”. Yes, cold […]

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Chilli Sesame Glazed Salmon

One of the great things about healthy eating is it doesn’t have to take forever. I’m not always super organised, and I’m often busy, so I like to have a few go-to meal ideas that I can quickly put together when I don’t have time (or can’t be bothered!!) spending a long time in the […]

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