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Two delicious healthy overnight oats recipes + WIN

Oats are one of my favourite breakfast options, but as it gets warmer porridge becomes slightly less appealing and I’m always ready for a change in options. Overnight oats – also known as bircher muesli – is a delicious way to enjoy oats when the weather is warmer.  You simply soak oats in a milk […]

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Creating the perfectly balanced smoothie

  There’s nothing like a cool, creamy smoothie for a quick and easy meal. The trick though is getting the balance of ingredients right so it’s both filling and nourishing and you’re not left feeling hungry an hour later! As a nutritionist, one of the common things people say to me is that they love […]

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Lemon Coconut and Chocolate Raspberry Tarts

One of my favourite things to create in the kitchen is healthier versions of sweet treats.  Switching out refined ingredients for more wholefoods increases the nutritional value.  Even though they are still treats, if they taste just as great as the original then why wouldn’t you try to make it a little healthier? For inspiration, […]

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