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Eating “normally”

  I’ve been thinking a lot about eating and been trying to figure out how it all became so hard.  As a child,  you’d eat when you were hungry, stop when you were full (well, unless your parents made you eat everything on your plate…) and you’d feel so special when you got given a […]

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Are you balanced?

In our third post about having a healthy relationship with food we are going to look at life balance.  Often an unhealthy relationship with food comes because we are unhappy with certain areas in our lives and we use food to medicate the unhappiness. Having a deeper look into our lives to see what’s really […]

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Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

Many women (and men too) have an unhealthy relationship with food and with how they feel about their bodies.    While these issues focus around food and body fat, the truth of the story is that food and fat are the symptom of the problem, and not the problem its self. This week at Eat Well […]

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Eating mindfully – tips to become a mindful eater

While we often spend time working on other relationships in our lives, such as family relationships, friendships and that with your other half, we often neglect to look at our relationship with food.  Eating mindfully is a practice than can help you develop a better relationship with food, For many, part of our relationship with […]

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