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Lessons from the world’s healthiest diets

Today it seems as if everyone has an opinion on what the healthiest diet is – from paleo, to grain free to vegetarian. The truth is there are lots of health ways to eat, as I outlined here.  One thing I’m not sold on that grains and legumes are “unhealthy” and “bad for you”. Sure […]

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Eating “normally”

  I’ve been thinking a lot about eating and been trying to figure out how it all became so hard.  As a child,  you’d eat when you were hungry, stop when you were full (well, unless your parents made you eat everything on your plate…) and you’d feel so special when you got given a […]

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Roast vegetable, feta and chickpea salad

  Lunch time is a good opportunity to pack some veges into your diet but as it get’s cooler salads are becoming less appealing. I made a big bowl of this the other day to last me a couple of lunches and it was really yummy.  With roasted beet, pumpkin and Brussels sprouts it’s a […]

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Start meal planning to get healthy and save money

Meal planning is one of the key strategies I get my clients to use to help keep them on track with their healthy eating.  Not only does it help solve the “What shall we have for dinner?” issue, it also helps you save money and reduce food wastage.  You’ll just buy what you need and […]

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Food Frauds – When food isn’t as healthy as it sounds

Just like you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover you can’t always tell a healthy food by it’s name.  Here are some healthy sounding foods that aren’t so healthy. Banana Bread Banana and bread – sounds like a perfect combination.  But the only thing banana bread and real bread have in common is […]

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