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Looking beyond sugar

  Recently I saw a client  for our last follow up appointment who had been trying to stop eating sugar. She’d come to me anxious and stressed about her wellbeing and was also wanting to lose weight. She’d bought all the books, done the 8 week program and was still frustrated that she just couldn’t […]

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Get a body you love without dieting

If you’re over punishing your body at the gym, drinking detox teas, eating ‘clean’ during the week, only to binge in the weekends, then this post is for you.  It is totally possible to get a body you love without dieting. Getting a body you love doesn’t require any of the above.  In fact, chances […]

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The new healthy lifestyles cafe range you need to try

Going out for brunch or coffee is part of my weekend routine.  There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing morning with a good coffee and something delicious to eat.   When I go out, sometimes I like to treat myself, and other times I want something that’s both delicious AND healthy for me too.  I’ll let you […]

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New Year’s Nutrition Advice & Fads to Avoid

As 2014 draws to a close, now is the time we start thinking about what we want to achieve for the year ahead.  If you’ve got nutrition, exercise or weight loss goals for 2015, then here’s a bit of advice. DO NOT fall for the latest fad diet, pill, potion, detox, or tea.  The truth […]

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Tips for guilt free eating

Does eating your most favourite, decadent foods leave you feeling racked with self loathing and guilt?   If so, it’s time to stop.   And when I say stop, I mean stop feeling guilty. Not stop eating your most favourite foods! It’s no wonder we feel guilty about eating.  There are so many messages out  that can […]

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