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Banana coconut muffins

These banana coconut muffins are a lot different from the super sized cake like muffins you’d buy at the supermarket.  They’re made with spelt flour which makes them good for people with IBS who follow a low FODMAP diet. O and they’re super tasty!  I’ve been having them in my lunch box this week. Ingredients […]

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Chocolate zucchini cake

These mini chocolate zucchini cakes taste totally indulgent, but because they’re made with zucchini, some wholemeal flour and macadamia nut oil are a wee bit healthier than the standard chocolate cake.  These are dense, fudgey cakes and  they’re the perfect portion size for a treat. Here’s how. (adapted from Martha Stewart) Ingredients 1/4 cup macadamia […]

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Orange, Poppy and Chia Seed Muffins

For a treat the other weekend I had an orange and poppy seed muffin at my favourite cafe that was so good I wanted to recreate it at home, just a wee bit healthier. After reading about amaranth flour, I decided to give it a go in these muffins.  Amaranth flour is derived from the […]

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Quinoa, Banana and Pecan Muffins

I’d always thought of quinoa as a savoury food – to be used in a salad or as a side dish instead of rice. But I stumbled across a recipe via Cake and Carrots website that I decided I’d give a go for muffins.  I love the idea of using quinoa in muffins as it’s […]

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Sunflower Seed, Pecan and Berry Bars

  I had the opportunity to review Highlander Sweetened Condensed Milk as I’m a part of the NZ Girl influencer panel, so I decided to make this recipe, which I’ve adapted slightly from the original.  It’s really easy to make, and quite tasty. Perfect for the lunch box or to take to work for something […]

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Lemon and Pistachio Biscotti

If you’re after a sweet treat but don’t want an overload of fat or sugar, then biscotti are a the treat for you.  I like them. Because they are double baked, they’re hard so they take a while to get through meaning really savour the treat. They’re great for dunking in a cup of tea […]

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