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Sugar free macaroons

Sugar free macaroons   How do you make a delicious sweet treat without sugar?  With Naturals by Equal! I received some samples of Naturals by Equal which is New Zealand’s newest 100% natural sweetener made with stevia and other natural fruit sugars.  It’s a fantastic natural alternative to sugar and it has 97% less calories […]

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Bliss balls

Bliss Balls – by Eat Well NZ   Bliss balls make the perfect holiday time treat.  As much as I don’t want to admit it yet, Christmas is just around the corner.  It’s this time of the year that can make life difficult when it comes to eating well – there’s lots of end of […]

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Apple and cinnamon muffins

  These apple and cinnamon muffins remind me lots of cooking at home when I was young.  Mum had all of Alison Holts muffin books – I think muffins were the cupcakes of today – it was what everyone made.  They were a lunch box treat that we quite often had.  I recently decided to […]

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Banana coconut muffins

These banana coconut muffins are a lot different from the super sized cake like muffins you’d buy at the supermarket.  They’re made with spelt flour which makes them good for people with IBS who follow a low FODMAP diet. O and they’re super tasty!  I’ve been having them in my lunch box this week. Ingredients […]

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Chocolate zucchini cake

These mini chocolate zucchini cakes taste totally indulgent, but because they’re made with zucchini, some wholemeal flour and macadamia nut oil are a wee bit healthier than the standard chocolate cake.  These are dense, fudgey cakes and  they’re the perfect portion size for a treat. Here’s how. (adapted from Martha Stewart) Ingredients 1/4 cup macadamia […]

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Homemade muesli bars

It’s hard to find the perfect muesli bar at the supermarket.  They’re often either high in sugar or high in the unhealthy fats and have huge ingredient lists which can seem quite scary.  While I do buy them sometimes for convenience, I wanted to try my own to have a tasty, healthy nutrient packed snack. […]

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