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2013 Resolutions Template

New Years resolution templateDon’t keep your New Year’s resolutions in your head, write them down and stick them where you’ll see them.

That way they’re always fresh in your mind and they’re likely to become a reality.  Download your  New Years Resolution template

Food Diary

A food diary is a tool that everyone who wants to lose weight should use.  Studies show that those who are the most successful at losing weight and keeping it off use a food diary.  A food diary helps you be accountable for what you are eating and more aware of the types of foods and drinks you consume.  Another good use for a food diary is to track your moods or emotions with your eating.  This can help you track patterns such as overindulging when you are stressed, or feeling down.  Then once you’ve identified these patterns, you can put strategies in place to help break the habit.

Click the picture to download your free food diary template.


Nutrition Plan

Here’s a four week nutrition plan that gives you a months worth of healthy eating ideas.  I wrote this for the July 2011 Good Health Magazine.

Download here –  Nutrition Plan – Good Health Magazine

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