Books we love: Leon Ingredients and Recipes

Leon is a series of award winning, popular restaurants around London. In 2008 they released their first cookbook.  The Leon Cookbook – written by chef, food writer and part-proprietor of Leon Allegra McEvedy, is a food lovers delight.    I love it for three reasons. 1. The content 2. The layout and illustrations 3. Their food philosophy, which is also mine.  Their food philosophy is that food should taste good and do you good. Their food is naturally full of flavour and is full of goodness.

The book is split in two with the first half full of beautiful photographs and illustrations of ingredients, from herbs and spices to nuts to cuts of meat, along with a wealth of useful information on each ingredient.  In fact, if the ingredients section was the book alone, I’d be perfectly happy.

The second section contains a range of healthy, tasty recipes from breakfasts all the way through to puddings.

My favourites: Sweet potato falafel and Superfood salad.

Buy here for around NZ $35. It ships for free worldwide.

There’s also a second Leon cookbook and a third one on its way.

Apologies for terrible photos – taken at night with iphone..


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