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I’m Nicola, a Registered Nutritionist, food lover, runner and believer in holistic well being.

I believe in eating natural, whole foods and a balanced approach to eating well. I’m passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves and nourishing their bodies with healthy, delicious food.   This blog is designed to inspire you to live a happy, nourished life.

I also help others with nutrition through online nutrition consulting through my shop.    I work with clients to find solutions that work for them and their lifestyles – because there are many ways to eat healthy. I also work to help you develop a better relationship

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A little bit about me…
I live in a small town in NZ with my cat, dog and husband.  While sometimes I miss city living, there’s a lot to love about small town living. I love the rural lifestyle and the fact that it takes me 1o minutes to drive to work, or 30 minutes to walk.  We have a big backyard and I grow my own seasonal vegetables and fruit, all which go towards making yummy, nourishing recipes.

I’ve always had an interest in food, cooking and health.  Unfortunately, I spent my teenage years and some of my early 20s struggling with poor body image and some pretty unhealthy food habits, including emotional eating.  Thankfully though I found my way through that and now have a great, balanced relationship with food and a positive body image.

I focus on eating plenty of plant based foods and other nutrient rich, wholesome foods the majority of the time and I feel good for it.  I believe it’s fine to have treats occasionally.  I love going out in the weekend and enjoying a coffee and a sweet treat. It’s part of what makes life good for me. I love running and have completed 3 half marathons and one full marathon.  I also do cross fit a couple of times a week which I really enjoy the challenge of.  Walking my dog is also something I enjoy.

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Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours majoring in Human Nutrition.
NZ Registered Nutritionist

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