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I’m Nicola, a Registered Nutritionist, food lover, runner and believer in holistic well being.  My approach to nutrition has changed over the years and I now teach intuitive eating and aim to follow a non diet approach.

Eat Well NZ is a healthy living blog to guide you in learning to nourish your body and find balance in a world of confusing and sometimes extreme nutritional advice.    You don’t need to quit foods, follow rules, or go to the extreme to be healthy (unless you have a food allergy!). This can make you anything but!  I post on wellness, body confidence, body image and skin care.

I also help others with nutrition through online nutrition consulting through my shop.  I can help with intuitive eating, breaking the diet/binge cycle, emotional eating and low FODMAPS for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   I work with clients to find solutions that work for them and their lifestyles – because there are many ways to eat healthy. I also work to help you develop a better relationship with food.

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A little bit about me…
I live in a small town in NZ with my cat, dog and husband.  While sometimes I miss city living, there’s a lot to love about small town living. I love the rural lifestyle and the fact that it takes me 10 minutes to drive to work, or 30 minutes to walk.  We have a big backyard and I grow my own seasonal vegetables and fruit, all which go towards making yummy, nourishing recipes.

I’ve always had an interest in food, cooking and health.  Unfortunately, I spent my teenage years and some of my early 20s struggling with poor body image and some pretty unhealthy food habits, including emotional eating.  Thankfully though I found my way through that and now have a great, balanced relationship with food and a positive body image.

I focus on eating plenty of plant based foods and other nutrient rich, wholesome foods the majority of the time and I feel good for it.  I believe it’s fine to have treats occasionally.  I love going out in the weekend and enjoying a coffee and a sweet treat. It’s part of what makes life good for me. I love running and have completed 3 half marathons and one full marathon.  I attend cross fit classes a couple of times a week.  Walking my dog is also something I enjoy.

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Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours majoring in Human Nutrition.
NZ Registered Nutritionist

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